Georgian Dance gave the foundation to the national ballet performance

Dance in brief

Georgian folk choreography counts many centuries. As the Georgian historic sources give us the notion, the Georgian folk dance dates 2nd millennium B.C., which is proved by the archeological excavations of Trialeti; there, in Trialeti silver bowl was found on which hunters' dance is inscribed. Together with mass folk dances (women and men), there also existed couple dances related to the fertility rites. Synthetic theatrical performance "Sakhioba" served as brilliant foundation for the development of couple dances, which was the supplementary detail of the huge celebrations of pagan times.

As for the royal national performance of Georgia, it was created as soon as the GeorgianKingdom appeared (III Century A.D.), when the religion of Georgia was still idol worshipping, until the first King of Georgia, King Mirian and Queen Nana introduced the Christianity in the Country (337 A.D). From this very period appears the royal national theatrical ensemble, presenting synthetic theatrical performances at the court. It included the music, choreography, theater, singing and circus elements. Performances were based on pure Georgian folklore. In next centuries, it was more synthetic, suffered some kind of changes and was formed into separate performance. There were as separate choreographic staging as well as Georgian music and theatrical performances.

Today, after centurial pause, Georgia and the rest of the world have chance to see ancient Royal National Ballet of Georgia, with its modern attitude towards the choreography, fusion old and new elements, with professional dancers. According to the new concept of the Royal National Ballet of Georgia, staging is divided into Georgian - classic, modern and world people dances. Royal National Ballet of Georgia is in search of choreographic synthesis, thereby keeping its traditional choreographic examples.    


"Royal National Ballet" as collective, esthetic phenomenon of people relates to the politically and economically strong countries and cities, being completely new acknowledgement of democratic system of the development of society.

Its foundation aims to interact elite and mass culture, fantasy and rationalism, traditional and modern art, painting, music and classic choreography. It is distinguished with its innovative approaches, scale and professional level. Thus, Royal National Ballet of Georgia is large scale dance company, which involves hundreds of people in itself from many regions of Georgia. The Ballet influences on development of modern art in Georgia and abroad.