Idea of foundation

Idea to found the Royal National Ballet of Georgia belongs to Gela Potskhishvili, Knight of the Georgian Order of Honors, the Best Dancer of 2000, Honorable academician of the "National Academy of Georgia", founder of the "Academy Of Dance" and Maia Kiknadze, dancer-choreographer and honorable member of the National Academy of Georgia.

 They headed this enormous project and keep their endeavors to fulfill and flourish this important idea as the major part of the nation history. In the beginning of 21st Century, Georgia has opportunity to return its old image in the world. It is also notable that, it's been long time that Georgia is an independent country on the world map, thus, it is unimaginable not to have the royal national ballet, for such historical country. 


"Royal National Ballet" as collective, esthetic phenomenon of people relates to the politically and economically strong countries and cities, being completely new acknowledgement of democratic system of the development of society.

Its foundation aims to interact elite and mass culture, fantasy and rationalism, traditional and modern art, painting, music and classic choreography. It is distinguished with its innovative approaches, scale and professional level. Thus, Royal National Ballet of Georgia is large scale dance company, which involves hundreds of people in itself from many regions of Georgia. The Ballet influences on development of modern art in Georgia and abroad.