Gela Potskhishvili

Gela Potskhishvili, one of the best dancers of our time, was born in November 18, 1978. 

In 1984 he began dancing at Youth Palace Dance Studio "Merani", headed by Lauz (Rezo) Chanishvili, professor, Doctor of Arts; he graduated from the Dance Studio in 1989. 

In 1989-1995 years he studied in Choreographic Studio of the Georgian National Ballet Theater "Metekhi". Art Director of "Metekhi' was dancer and choreographer, Gelodi Potskhishvili, great supporter of the Georgian art, academician of the National Academy of Georgia, laureate of many international festivals, Knight of the Georgian Order of Honour and founder of Dance Theater "Metekhi".

In 1995, he was enrolled in Dance Theater "Metekhi" as actor-dancer, of the "Philharmonics of Georgia" (Presently Art Union of the Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia). 

From 1996 to the present day, he is the solo dancer and art choreographer of this Theater. 

In 1999 he successfully graduated from the Faculty of Choreography, ChoreographicSchool of the Georgian National Ballet Theater, majoring in staging choreographer. During his studies, he was introduced with the Georgian folklore, staging art of the world people, including classic and modern dances.

Gela Potskhishvili appeared on many stages around the world as a dancer, as well as choreographer and he acquired many prestigious dance awards, thereby having 18 years dancing practice on professional stage.

Gela Potskhishvili is a well known dancer, being acknowledged as the dancer of the year by many theaters and producers around the world.

In 2000 he was acknowledged as the best dancer of 2000 by the Art Council of the Choreography of Georgia. 

Under the decision of the President of Georgia, dated April 20, 2012, Gela Potskhishvili was awarded with the Order of Honour for his contributions to the development of the Georgian Choreography. 

By the decision of the National Academy of Georgia, dated October 10, 2012, Gela Potskhishvili was conferred the title of the honorable academician.    

In 2006, Gela Potskhishvili founded DanceAcademy as the professional dance school and he is the director and art director of the Academy. 

In 2008, Gela Potskhishvili founded "Royal National Ballet" of Georgia, where he is the art director and leading ballet master as well.  

Since 1984 he's being serving the Georgian culture with devotion.