Maia Kiknadze

Maia Kiknadze was born in December 12, 1979

In 1997, she successfully graduated from VakhtangChabukianiChoreographicDanceSchool, majoring in ballet. 

In 1997, she was enrolled in Zakaria Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Academic Theater of Georgia as a ballet actress, under the supervision of the choreographer Gogi Aleksidze.

In 1998, she was enrolled in Dance Theater "Metekhi" as actor-dancer, of the "Philharmonics of Georgia" (Presently Art Union of the Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia).   

From 2000, she is the leading sole dancer of the Dance Theater "Metekhi" and a choreographer.

Maia Kiknadze has 17 years experience of dancing on professional stage.

During this period, she danced all leading parts in every dance performance of the Dance Theater "Metekhi", mini plays and choreographic miniatures.  

In 2001, she graduated from State University of Culture of Tbilisi (presently Theater and FilmUniversity), majoring in classic, world people, Georgian dance teacher - choreographer. 

Maia Kiknadze participated in every performance of Dance Theater "Metekhi" in Georgia, as well as abroad.

She traveled around the world together with the whole ensemble and proved her great professionalism and presented the image of Georgia as a real Georgian professional actress.

Presently, she keeps her active dancing carrier, in parallel with teaching activities at DanceAcademy, including classical and world people dance choreographer. 

Maia Kiknadze is the founder of DanceAcademy and as well as art director in the direction of classic and feature dances.

From 2008, she is the founder and art director of "Royal National Ballet" of Georgia.

By the decision of the National Academy of Georgia, dated October 10, 2012, Maia Kiknadze was conferred the title of the honorable academician.