The Royal National Ballet presents a world premiere of the newly staged performances. This is a first precedent of this kind of performance  in the history of Georgian and world Choreography as it does not have an analogue. The performance called a "Georgian Fire" and combines Georgian folk dances, with wonderful decorations and technical support.

From 30 to 50 Professional dancers will present the show, supported with the new musical entourage and supplementary slide show decorations.

New performance of the “Royal National Ballet” is different from any other performances in the world. It is complete innovation and novelty at the show market.

The show unites world’s, folklore and classical dance elements, acrobatics, stunts, temperament, grace, synchrony, artistic, athletic boys and appealing girls. We would like also to inform you that the show includes 8 small dancers from "Academy Of Dance", who add beauty to the performance and makes it more commercial!


"Fire Of Georgia"

The Georgian Traditional Dance Program


1. Kolkhuri Suita

2. Frescos

3. Davluri

4. Mountainous Variations

5. Khevsuruli Suita

6. Swordplay

7. Old Tbilisi Bohemia

8. Dance by the spring water

9. Lezginka

10. Mkhedruli (Competition)


Chief Balletmaster

Gela Potskhishvili